Oliver Heath, Founder,Oliver Heath Design.

  • Oliver heath is an Architectural and interior designer and a recognised global expert in Biophilic Design. His work is expressed in number of mediums including the built environment, writing and the media, having worked for a number of television channels including BBC, ITV channel 4 and the National Geographic channel. His last book Urban Eco Chic (Quadrille) sold over 30,000 copies in 6 languages. He has acted as a spokesperson for the likes of the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), the Energy Saving Trust (EST) and the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP)

    Presentation Title:

    The Science and Style of Biophilic Design – improving the human connection to nature in the built environment



    Oliver Heath explores the emerging science and style of Biophilic design; discussing new research that demonstrates how strengthening the human connection with nature we can improve the many spaces we live and work in. These improvements can help to reduce stress and aid recuperation to improve mental and physical health plus cognitive performance. In doing so Biophilic Design can improve the health &wellbeing of many of the most important spaces in our lives spaces be it offices, education, healthcare and hospitality environments. The resulting benefits include improving rates of productivity, creativity whilst reducing absenteeism and presentism – creating happier healthier places to live and work.


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