Diane Hodnett – CEO & Executive Director Business Professional, Host in Ireland

    • Diane Hodnett – CEO & Executive Director Business Professional, Host in Ireland's presentations

    CEO, Board Director and entrepreneur who has led/served as principal in global Internet Infrastructure and eCommerce/ Technology Solutions companies. Advisor to private Technology Investors infrastructure and Investment Companies. Has worked in the Datacentre/ Comms industry since 2003 leading Corporate Development and M&A activities in the US, Europe and Asia (Singapore).

    Diane is currently CEO, iSquared Advisory Limited, providing boutique advisory services to early stage companies, investment firms, and established organisations seeking advice and guidance related to Internet infrastructure, cloud computing, datacentres, and telecommunications services on a global basis. Currently engaged with KPMG Corporate Finance advising the Department Communications, Climate Action and Energy on the National Broadband Plan, one of the State’s largest Infrastructure projects, targeting 100% broadband coverage in Ireland.


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