• Host in Ireland

      Host in Ireland 

      Host in Ireland is an industry-led initiative designed to raise awareness of Ireland as the home of the hybrid cloud. Our goal is to change and shape global industry perceptions through the provisioning of timely and accurate information. With the support of a growing team of partners, Host in Ireland has harnessed the “power of the collective”, fostering an environment of co-opetition where competing companies and organizations come together to achieve common goals through cooperation and collaboration. Address: Host in Ireland The Mews Eagle Valley Power

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    • ICPMA


      ICPMA (INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION) ICPMA is all about us, the members, and we are in a period of development and growth, in a drive enhance the strength of our organisation. We want to extend our membership to create wider benefits for all. Our members are academics, consultants, contractors and clients who are active in CPM. We are searching for new active members, who can contribute to the exchange of knowledge and best practice, and who can also share information and experiences between regions and generations. We want to increase the number and scope o

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    • ICE


      The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) is a registered charity (no. 210252; no. SC038629 [Scotland]) that strives to promote and progress civil engineering. ICE was founded in 1818 by a small group of idealistic young men. We were granted a royal charter in 1828 where we declared that our aim was to "foster and promote the art and science of civil engineering". That is still our aim today. Now the number of members has grown, and ICE represents around 80,000 members worldwide. You can read more about ICE's

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    • CITA


      CITA was established as a research project in DIT Bolton St. in association with Waterford IT in May 2001, with the vision of harnessing the potential of ICT in the Irish Construction Industry. CITA was formally incorporated into a company limited by guarantee with no chare capital in November 2005. Membership of CITA is open to all stakeholders in the Irish Construction Industry (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operations - AECO) In addition to attracting a large number of subscribing members, CITA has achieved a lot since its inception in 2001. Since 2008, CITA has secured ann

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    • The National Guild of Master Craftsmen

      The National Guild of Master Craftsmen 

      The National Guild of Master Craftsmen is the largest organisation representing skilled and accredited tradesmen and builders. Its aims are to protect the skills and integrity of its members and clearly define the skilled from the non-skilled thus enabling the general public to choose a National Guild of Master Craftsmen member to facilitate the service they require. The National Guild of Master Craftsmen has over 7500 members nationwide. With this membership the Guild has the ability to negotiate bulk buying power on group discounts.

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    • Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT)

      Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) 

      The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) is the lead qualifying body for Architectural Technology and represents those practising and studying within the discipline. CIAT qualifies Chart

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    • Architectural Technologists’ Register (ATR)

      Architectural Technologists’ Register (ATR) 

      The ATR sets, assesses and monitors the competency standards for registered Architectural Technologists in Ireland

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    • National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC)

      National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC) 

      What is NADC? National Association of Drainage Contractors The aims and objectives of the NADC have been recognised by members and include: • To be a central representative body to put the views of the drainage industry to government departments and agencies, local authorities, Irish Water and other relevant organisations. • To be a technical centre providing commentary, guidance and advice on legal and other regulatory developments of relevance to members. • To provide a forum for the exchange of non-competitive information. • To promote certified and accredited drainage profes

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    • The Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland (SEAI)

      The Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland (SEAI) 

      The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland was established as Ireland's national energy authority under the Sustainable Energy Act 2002. SEAI's mission is to play a leading role in transforming Ireland into a society based on sustainable energy structures, technologies and practices. To fulfil this mission SEAI aims to provide well-timed and informed advice to Government, and deliver a range of programmes efficiently and effectively, while engaging and motivating a wide range of stakeholders and showing continuing flexibility and innovation in all activities. SEAI's actions will help advance

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    • Irish Concrete Federation (ICF)

      Irish Concrete Federation (ICF) 

      The Irish Concrete Federation (ICF) is the national representative body for the Irish aggregates and concrete manufacturing industry and represents approximately 100 companies directly employing 4,000 people in almost 300 locations throughout Ireland. ICF member companies manufacture aggregates, concrete and precast concrete products for supply into the domestic construction industry for the development of Ireland’s built infrastructure. In recent years, ICF members have also substantially increased the export of precast concrete products to the UK. ICFproduces industry position papers on the

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    • Intelligent Transport Systems

      Intelligent Transport Systems 

      ITS Ireland exists to promote the development and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) for safer, more efficient and more sustainable transport. ITS Ireland is a non-profit public / private sector partnership drawn from academic interests, consultancies, equipment suppliers, government bodies, local authorities, representative bodies and transport operators. Membership is open to all with the following categories of membership available: Corporate, Governmental and non profit organisations, Individual and Student . For more information regar

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    • The National Economic and Social Council NESC

      The National Economic and Social Council NESC 

      The National Economic and Social Council (NESC) was established in 1973 and advises the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) on strategic policy issues relating to sustainable economic, social and environmental development in Ireland. The members of the Council are appointed by the Taoiseach, for a three year term.  These members are representatives of business and employers’ organisations, trade unions, agricultural and farming organisations, community and voluntary organisations, and environmental organisations; as well as heads of Gov

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    • The Irish Green Building Council

      The Irish Green Building Council 

      The Irish Green Building Council was launched in 2011 with organisations and businesses from the entire value chain of the built environment. These include Universities, Professional institutes,NGOs local authorities, Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Energy companies, leading national and transnational companies. All are united in one common goal to provide leadership to accelerate the rate of change in Ireland to a sustainable built environment. The IGBC is affiliated with the World Green Building Council as a prospective member. This is a network of over 100 national Green Building Cou

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    • The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland

      The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland 

      The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland is the independent professional body for Chartered Surveyors working and practicing in Ireland. Working in partnership with RICS, the pre-eminent Chartered professional body for the construction, land and property sectors around the world, the Society and RICS act in the public interest: setting and maintaining the highest standards of competence and integrity among the profession; and providing impartial, authoritative advice on key issues for business, society and governments worldwide. Advancing standards in construction, land and property, the

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    • Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation

      Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation 

      If debt is causing you stress; the good news is, you don’t have to manage on your own. We are the only not for profit organisation in Ireland to offer all options of debt solution; including informal arrangements, insolvency arrangements and a free bankruptcy service. Last year we arranged solutions for over 2,500 people in difficulty.

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    • National Association of Drainage Engineers

      National Association of Drainage Engineers 

      Our Aims And Objectives A number of aims and objectives of the NADC have been recognised by members and include:  • To be a central representative body to put the views of the drainage industry to government departments and agencies, local authorities and other relevant organisations.

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    • CIBSE


      CIBSE promotes the career of building services engineers by accrediting courses of study in higher education. It also approves work-based training programmes and provides routes to full professional registration and membership, including Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer and Engineering Technician. Once you a

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